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          LC Filters
          Cavity Filters
          SIW Filter
          Dielectric Resonator
          Active Antenna Module
          Active Antenna Module
          External Active Antenna           Module
          Smart Antenna Module           (for GPS)
Features Element Construction
Small form factor Type   : Flat patch antenna
Operating Temperature Range(-40°C to + 85°C) Design : Rectangular ceramic antenna
Low Return Loss
Uniform Dielectric Constant
Offset single-point feeding method
RoHS Compliance
Sangshin's SAL series of miniature patch antenna elements provide excellent performance characteristics through use of proprietary material developed specially for use in high performance antenna elements. These elements are highly suited for RFID, GPS, SDARS and W-LAN applications. Sangshin also offers custom design capabilities.
Active Antenna Module (For GPS / SDMB)
Active Antenna
External Active
Antenna Module
Smart Antenna
Module (for GPS)
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