CHIP Thermistor
          DISK Thermistor
          Thermistor Assmbly
          Humidty Sensor
          Dust Sensor
          Fuel Level Component
          Automobile Sensor
          Temperature Sensor
          Engine Temp Sensor
Temperature Sensor
- Sensor used in power units should endure severe environments with oil, mist, humidity, dust and vibration. Sensors in climate systems should quickly and accurately sense both inside and outside condition of a car to make ride comfortable, for example. Sensors should be stable for a long period of time.

- Our automotive sensors are designed to meet all the requirements for various applications, including reliability and stability.

- A variety of other sensors are also available for power units and climate systems. We are ready to make custom-specific sensors upon customer requests.
- Detection temperature of Cooling water
- Intake air
- EGR system
- Air conditioner (indoor, ambient, duct and out door)
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